About Us

Why Dream Homes Build?

We are a Brisbane based, Australian company. We offer custom home building services. With the expertise, skills and resources at hand, we know how to make your dream a reality. We understand the local market and specialize in building Single and Double Storey homes, Duplex, townhouses and Granny flats. Contemporary up-to-date renovations are also our speciality. We ensure that the end product is the one you were looking for ‘your dream home’.

Getting to know you

We appreciate the fact that every home is different in one way or another. It is our utmost priority to understand your ideas and desires about your dream home. It starts with a conversation about how your family like to live, indoors and out, what features and finishes you are looking for in a home, and how we can make your dream materialize within your budget.

Team of professionals

Dream Homes Build has a team of highly professional experts which Includes architects, interior designers, qualified and talented managers, professional advisers and subcontractors. It is your dream so it is your team, and you have every right to demand the best. Everyone on your build team will have the expertise and the shared understanding of your project that is required to deliver not just on your specifications but to your expectations.

Your Design Team

Dream Homes Build always has room for your imagination. Your design team will meet with you to get your ideas on paper and incorporate them into the finished design. We ensure that the home we build for you is the home you want.

Open Communication

Dream Homes Build makes sure that all our team members are always available and open for any input from you because we know that the foundation for every good build is open and honest communication. Whether you would like to meet with our head designer, or talk to the company directors, we’re happy to arrange this for you, to provide complete transparency and give you peace of mind.

Our Customer Service

We understand that building your home is part of the dream. The customer service of Dream Homes Build will guide you through the construction process and provide honest expert advice. We will keep you informed and would always appreciate your input.

Our Flexible approach

We understand that you have thought a lot about your home and you know exactly what you want. From amending an existing design, to creating your own, we have the flexibility to adjust features and specifications to meet your brief.

Our Superior Inclusions

Dream Homes Build makes sure that the products we use in your home are of the highest quality and finish. We will always keep you in the loop about all the materials we use in your home. Our experts will make sure that all the products used are according to the specifications and you are fully satisfied as well.

Finance Team Specializing in Construction Loans

Dream Homes Build has a range of mortgage brokers that we work with very closely. Our highly qualified and skilled mortgage brokers team can help you secure and finalise your construction loan.
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